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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the goal of BoneyardNW?

To facilitate the buying and selling of used commercial building materials and create a culture of building material reuse in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. When used building materials are sold and reused instead of disposed, this reduces the quantities of construction and demolition debris going into landfills and helps meet the region's recycling goals.

Why is BoneyardNW limited to commercial building materials?

The Metro region has several retail locations that specialize in the buying and selling of used residential building materials, but very few outlets for used commercial building materials. This lack of options, combined with the large amount of commercial construction in the region, results in huge quantities of usable commercial building materials going to the landfill.

What types of materials are allowed or prohibited from BoneyardNW?

Any used commercial building material can be advertised that is not included on the list of prohibited items.

Can I sell my residential building materials on BoneyardNW?

No, BoneyardNW is not set up for residential materials. Please see the Metro Toolkit and check the box for used building materials for a list of facilities that buy and sell residential used building materials. Also see the online marketplaces: Craig'slist.com/portland or 2good2toss.com if you are in Clark County, Washington.

Ok, but what about materials like sheets of 4'x8' sheets of " cdx plywood that could be used on both residential and commercial construction projects? Yes, these sorts of materials are allowed on BoneyardNW. See the list of acceptable and prohibited items in the User Agreement.

Is there any connection between this site and the US Green Building Council LEED certification programs for commercial construction?

No formal connection, except that this site helps address one of the biggest barriers to achieving the LEED M&R credit for material reuse: The lack of available used commercial building materials to use on LEED projects.

Who can use this site?

Anyone (private citizens, local businesses, governments, construction contractors, architects, developers, schools, non-profits, etc.) located anywhere in the world can view or purchase materials for sale on BoneyardNW; however, to create an account or sell materials on BoneyardNW, one must: Have a valid e-mail address and agree to the terms and conditions listed in the User Agreement. All materials for sale (or free) must have came from/originated in the Portland metro area. See link for a list of approved cities and counties.

How much does it cost to set up an account and is there a fee to sell or buy materials?

There is no cost to use BoneyardNW. Metro created BoneyardNW for you to use as a free online marketplace. Metro's only "payback" comes in the form of a reduction in the quantities of construction debris going to local landfills.

How can I set up my account so BoneyardNW notifies me if items I am looking for are advertised on BoneyardNW?

After creating an account, click on the "Email Notifications" button in the navigation bar, go to "Create new email notification" and set the criteria for the materials you are looking for. When another member lists a material matching one of your key words, you will receive an e-mail notification about the new ad.

Under the search menu, what does the CSI system refer to? Isn't that a TV show?

CSI refers to The Construction Specifications Institute, the industry standard classification system for building materials used in construction. Learn more about the CSI system. The CSI system was used as the model for the way that materials are organized and grouped on BoneyardNW.

How long will my ad be visible on BoneyardNW?

Materials will expire after 60 days. The owner will receive a notification via email several days prior to expiration that will include instructions on modifying the ad and options for relisting the ad.

How will I know when my ad is about to expire?

BoneyardNW will send you an e-mail notification.

What are my options if my material does not sell?

After 60 days the ad will expire from the site. Depending on the material, it may be possible to donate some unsold materials to a local used building material retailer. Unsold materials can also be recycled or disposed. For more information on these options, Metro Toolkit website and the RIC 234-300 number}

How do I find out more about the identity of a particular member/seller?

Access to a list of BoneyardNW members is a feature that we will be adding soon. For now, you can contact sellers using the contact information in each ad to find out more about them.

What are my options if I have a dispute with another party arising from the sale or purchase of materials listed on this site?

Metro will play no role in disputes between Exchange users. Please see the User Agreement for more information.

What options do I have for paying for materials?

Check, cash or PayPal. Note: Similar to Craig's List, Metro and BoneyardNW don't play a role in the payment for or negotiation of the sales terms. Users of BoneyardNW are never asked, or even allowed, to provide any personal financial information (credit card, bank account info) to Metro or BoneyardNW. Instead, BoneyardNW provides a space for each seller to display the methods of payment they will accept and, if they wish, a link to go to the Paypal web site to pay for materials.

Will BoneyardNW ever sell or disclose my personal contact information to another party?

Metro will not sell or provide your contact or account information to another party for any reason. Metro will make every effort to safeguard the privacy of your account information and minimize the proliferation of SPAM or unwanted e-mail in BoneyardNW. The User Agreement lists the very limited specific conditions where Metro may be forced by legal action to disclose user information.

Who do I call if I have further questions about how to use the site?

Please see the Contacts section.

Do you have a list of the local salvage retailers and deconstruction contractors?

Yes, see the list of deconstruction and salvage contractors at the Metro Toolkit.

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